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In 2001, Michael Peterson made a 911 call that would launch one of the most stunning and complex trials of our times. Devastated that his wife had fallen to her death in their North Carolina mansion, he was utterly shocked when the District Attorney arrested him for murder.

According to friends and family, the marriage of Michael and Kathleen Peterson had been a loving, wonderful relationship. But as investigators found her body lying in a sea of blood, they suspected all was not right. What emerged was a series of outrageous revelations they never could have expected. From illicit sexual activities to political intrigue to possible links to another death, the Peterson case became front-page news across the nation.

This unrestricted docu-series follows the entire case from the first few days after Kathleen’s death to its unbelievable conclusion in court. Get unprecedented access to the defendant and his team of lawyers, investigators and forensics experts as they react to every surprise revelation and astonishing accusation. And see the controversial events through the eyes of the unusual family battling for their father’s life. Will the jury believe Peterson’s an innocent man or condemn him as a cold-blooded killer? Each staggering twist will keep you guessing right up to the final verdict.


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