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Following on from This Is England ’88, renowned filmmaker Shane Meadows picks up the action in the summer of 1990.  From fun-loving fatties, bowl hairdos and baggy jeans, snorting whizz at the town hall discos in spring. The gang become part of the loved-up masses as they batter E's with thousands of new brothers and sisters in fields, forests & factories of England during the summer of love.

Gazza’s tears. Hubble’s launch. Saddam’s invasion. Mandela’s release. This is 1990. This is England. And Lol, Woody, Shaun, Milky, Smell, Gadget, Harvey, Kell, Trev and Combo are back for the final chapter of Shane Meadows’ multi award-winning landmark series.

It’s two years on since the less-than-festive Christmas of ‘88, with some of the gang embracing the new decade with more gusto than others. But a lot can happen in a year, and in true "This is England" style, the second summer of love soon gives way to a winter of discontent.


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