What is Sundance Channel and what kind of programming does it offer?

Sundance Channel is the television destination for independent-minded viewers seeking something different. Sundance Channel’s diverse and engaging selection of films, documentaries and original programs represent the best in smart, emerging culture and provide a new way to see and talk about the world.

Daily Schedules: To access our full Daily Schedule, click on the Schedule tab on the top navigation bar.

Films: You can search for film titles that are currently included in our schedule in the Films tab. You can also search the entire website by entering the title of interest in the Search field.

Series: You can search for series titles that are currently included in our schedule in the Series tab. You can also search the entire website by entering the title of interest in the Search field.

How can I customize the schedule to my time zone?

Our online schedule allows viewers to customize the schedule based on their time zone. Visit our Schedule section and select your time zone from the drop-down menu.

What channel is Sundance on?

The channel where you can find Sundance Channel depends on how your household receives cable or satellite service. We suggest contacting your service provider directly for additional information on specific channel positions for your location. For a complete listing of service providers, visit the Subscribe page.

How do I subscribe to Sundance Channel and how much does it cost?

Since packages and availability of Sundance Channel may vary, we suggest contacting your service provider directly and ask to have Sundance Channel added to your monthly subscription. Your service provider will be able to provide comprehensive packaging information and get you started. Refer to the Subscribe page for a comprehensive listing of service providers and corresponding contact information.

Why is the Canadian programming schedule different from the U.S. programming schedule?

Canadian viewers will see much of the same Sundance original programming as the US audience, however, daily schedules are unique and will differ from time to time. As a Canadian broadcaster, Sundance Channel Canada has regulations which require a certain amount of Canadian produced programs be aired each day. For more information regarding the Canadian schedule for Sundance please visit our Daily Schedule.

If you are looking for Sundance Channel in the United States they can be reached at: www.sundancechannel.com

Is it possible to order a copy of a Sundance Channel show?

Sundance Channel does not offer this type of service. Refer back to our Daily Schedule for updated schedule information and potential repeat air dates.

On the Sundance Channel, do you only show films that were at the Sundance Film Festival?

Although we do show films that also appeared at the festival, being part of the festival is in no way a requirement for being selected to appear on the Sundance Channel.

How do I find out about the next Sundance Film Festival?

Visit the festival site or check the Sundance Institute website at www.sundance.org. Generally, the Sundance Film Festival is held in January.

How do I find out about job openings and/or possible internships with the new Sundance Channel?

To find out about employment opportunities at Corus Entertainment, visit the website at www.corusent.com. At this time, Corus Entertainment Inc. does not have a formalized internship program in place.

How do I submit my new show proposal to Sundance Channel?

We suggest sending a one-page summary of your film project to our Programming Department. If it is something Sundance Channel might be interested in, we will be in contact with you. Please note: the Programming Department is currently reviewing completed film projects. Proposals for programs in the development stage aren’t currently being accepted for consideration.

Your proposal can be sent to:
Programming Director, Sundance Channel Canada
25 Dockside Drive
Toronto, ON
M5A 0B5

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